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Malawi Israel Gold, pioneering the field of medical cannabis in Malawi, bringing together years of knowledge and the latest technology. MIG was founded by Israeli and Malawian entrepreneurs, experts, farmers, and businessmen /women who joined a specially dedicated group.

Focusing on cultivation, processing, distribution, research, development and propagation our goal is simple – to produce the finest high-grade medicinal cannabis and to contribute and develop the Malawian cannabis and hemp industries. The company’s 10 hectares farm, located in Lilongwe and 7 hectares farm in Mchinji district, includes different activities such as greenhouses, post-harvest, and R&D in Lilongwe alongside with traditional agriculture and outdoor farming in Mchinji. The company is about to start with different training facilities for local farmers in Malawi.

This is just the beginning

What makes us unique?

Strains & Genetics

We are highly experienced with acclimatization and breeding, some of our partners and professional team even come with private seeds collection and proprietary genetics. Combining with wide and strong connections to growers, seed banks, genetics companies, and researchers around the globe, you will get to understand some of MIG’s many benefits for the short and long run. Sources of our seeds are Israel, Europe, America, and Africa, including of course the well-known Malawi Gold.


If you want to run fast – run alone. If you want to run far – run together, says the African proverb. Sometimes being together is necessary to even run at all. We work with the local community to help them have better agriculture practices and food security. Many of MIG’s employees are the farm’s neighbors. Providing activities far from the big cities is part of our mission to see the rural area prosper while keeping it clean and well maintained. In the future, we seek to extend our impact and support as we plan to implement more programs.


From day one we are holding a fresh and young vibe, coming with an out-of-the-box way of thinking which brings unique product ideas and solutionsAgritech and Cannabis-tech are very interesting and important growing fields of technology that MIG always stays up to date with. We encourage in-house innovation along with collaborations. Relevant entrepreneurs, startups, and researchers are always welcome to contact us regarding pilots and business opportunities. The African Cannabis Hub will bring room for pan-African cannabis innovation.

Patient Care

Having dealt with tens of thousands of patients with various medical conditions and different ways of consuming cannabis and its ingredients, our partners and external experts (such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, scientists, and caretakers) know the true stories and incredible, sometimes life-savings, outcomes of working with cannabis for medical purposes, as long it is done in the right way for each patient. We aim to find more specific solutions as we explore more about the different chemicals and effects of the plant.


Maintaining the smallest environmental footprint while producing the best product quality for the highest capacity is possible, yet a challenge, which we are more than willing to accept. From solar energy to smart and green waste management of water and plant materials, we have it all taken into consideration and taken care of from the start. We work with high-level experts in different fields because we know that Sustainability is here to stay, or we may not be. 

Integrity & Accountability

Putting values first and being fair does not mean not being profitable. Our agenda is to always have a win-win situation with any kind of partner. All employees’ social benefits are above average and we are always looking for personal development opportunities to offer them. We aim to close royalty contracts with traditional farmers who were unregulated before in case they want to join and contribute to the legal medical market. Our activities are conducted by the highest standards such as GAP and GMP, we believe in trust and professionalism.

Meet Our Team

The African Cannabis Hub


The first of its kind

Research, Development and Knowledge Center

Sharing knowledge and experience across the continent in a one of a kind innovative hub.
Helping in bringing up Africa's next generation of growers and pursue the perfect genetics for the sub saharan African climate and for different medical conditions

Upcoming Industrial Hemp farmers training

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The Warm Heart of Africa

You may have wondered why Malawi is called “The Warm Heart of Africa“?

In short – the beautiful and sunny sub-tropical country is a landlocked country, located in the middle of Southeast Africa, is also known for the kindness and hospitality of its people. Therefore it is the warm ❤️ of Africa.

In February 2020, the Malawian Cannabis act passed. A few months later MIG Holdings was founded and started preparing for operations, acquiring land for the facilities, making important connections, and relevant examinations to pursue the perfect settings. In August 2021, the founding team paid an official visit to Malawi, before relocating some of the team, while others will be moving on the Malawi-Israel line.

Hundred of years before regulating the medicinal and industrial cannabis in Malawi, cannabis was grown by local farmers. It is called Chamba, well used in traditional medicine but also considered dangerous. It could be that due to the high level of THC in the local strains, it can be damaging if one abuses it. We are here to show that cannabis can be a premium medical product with ever-growing benefits, and also an important industrial material.

MIG works together and in good relations with the local government and authorities, academic institutions, hospitals and clinics, farmers & cooperatives, potential patients, and business partners.

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